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Event Summary



A Gathering To

Inspire, Enlighten and Empower,

Authenticity, Transparency and Trust!


If you're in leadership, management, sales or business development this is a must attend event!

Especially if you're in the Homebuilding or Construction Industry!




Selfish intentions and vain ambitions have always sabotaged our best results in life and business. It's time to acknowledge, embrace and apply the truths that will elevate the quality of our lives and create sustainable, superior results.


We are living in challenging times created by embracing our human nature rather than challenging ourselves to overcome it to unlock and unleash your best self.


It’s time to acknowledge we can be better. It's time to take the steps to be better!


An amazing lineup of speakers featuring Mike Moore and Ron Blackburn will be sharing with you to inspire, enlighten and empower you to build your life and business on a foundation of trust.


You’ll learn how to face today’s challenges, overcome your greatest obstacles and elevate the quality of your life to be able to thrive and flourish in any environment.




You'll learn the power of authenticity, transparency, trustworthiness and unselfish intentions.


You'll be renewed and empowered to face each day with new mindsets to experience the triumph of a life built on trust.


You'll stop struggling to find a work-life balance and come away with the ability to be focused, fully engaged, present and mindful to live a whole life!


You'll breakthrough what's holding you back and be propelled to the next level of your life.


You'll discover the answers to today’s most challenging questions and how to shift your intentions and expectations to uncover new solutions.


You'll raise your Love Quotient and improve your Trust Quotient to become extraordinary!






San Diego Performing Arts Center
4579 Mission Gorge Place
San Diego, CA 92120

Event Details

Leadership & Personal Development Conference

April 23, 2020

8:00am - 2:30pm

This is a must attend event for leaders, managers, salespeople and business development professionals, especially from the Homebuilding and Construction Industry.

Join us to renew your mind, reenergize your spirit and reset your default human settings to transform your life.

Throughout the day an incredible lineup of speakers will be sharing, teaching and coaching to provide you with the skills to elevate the quality of both your personal and business life.