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Directed by: Ali Abbasi

Equal parts thriller, adult fairytale, romantic drama and social commentary. Border is a difficult to classify film that tells the story of a Swedish border agent who has the remarkable ability to smell human emotions. While this makes her very effective at her job, it also leads to a life of loneliness, despite having an in-name-only boyfriend. One day she stops a man who shares her strange abilities. As the two become closer, she discovers more about herself, her past and her place in the world. 

Based on a short story by John Ajvide Lindqvist (Let the Right One In), Border is steeped in Norse mythology, perfectly combining supernatural elements with nuanced, down-to-earth performances and social realism. The film is an intelligent and idiosyncratic mix of genres that defy easy labels and is on its way to becoming a cult classic.

This adult fairytale is for mature audiences only . . . 

109 minutes

Cannes Film Festival - Winner - Un Certain Regard

Munich Film Festival - Winner - CineVision Award

Norwegian International Film Festival - Winner - Film Critics Award

Los Angeles Film Festival - Winner - World Fiction Award

Sweden’s 2018 submission to the Academy for Best Foreign Language Film

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