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Directed by: Alfonso Cuaron

Alfonso Cuaron, the writer-director-cinematographer and co-editor of this marvelous autobiographical film, grew up in a Mexico City neighborhood known as Roma. In a calmly magisterial style, featuring long fluid takes and lustrous black-and-white imagery - Cuaron reimagines episodes from his childhood, but as seen from the perspective of Cleo, a diligent, loving maid. Having escaped brutal poverty in her indigenous village and moved to the city, her struggles, as shown in counterpoint with her employer’s rituals and disillusioning setbacks, reflect the social crisis that reshaped Mexican society in the early ‘70s. In addition, Cuaron gives us fascinating fragmentary glances of locations and characters that inspired his own Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men and Gravity, while with his title he also evokes Federico Fellini, who was one of the world cinema’s first true masters of autobiographical cinema.

135 minutes

Venice Film Festival - Winner - Golden Lion - Best Film


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