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TicketSauce believes the data collected from your event is one of your most valuable assets, which is why you completely and solely own the data. We don’t resell your data, or re-target other events to your customers as other providers do. Grab all essential data to get to know your customers, including the ability to add customized questionnaires to learn even more.


  • You own the data 100%
  • Easily gather data about customers, including customized questionnaires
  • Contact customers directly through the admin using email and SMS
  • Modular real-time reporting which allows you to customize what information is included based on what you need

Why Data Ownership is Important:

“Being able to create our own data architecture with the information from TicketSauce provides us with a unique and transparent view into our customers’ likes and wants. We are able to take this data and make it even more powerful by uncovering the value from it via machine learning and take actionable insights when it comes to future use.”
-- Sam Walch, Director, Codeware
A Melbourne Racing Club Partner

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