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Media Partners

By partnering with media organizations throughout the world, TicketSauce provides a new way for media companies to grow revenue and collect first party data.

Our patent pending technology provides these organizations with the ability to create and manage their own events as well as creates new opportunities to monetize their clients events in their local marketplace.

Clients like the Chicago Tribune, Gannett Corporation, San Diego Union-Tribune, NBC 7/39, and the Austin American Statesman trust TicketSauce to be their event management partner and help grow their overall business.

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Growing members and revenue will continue to be critical components for associations to be successful.

TicketSauce provides their associations partners with new opportunities to grow revenue and data for themselves and their members. The ability to create event ticketing services for members of associations as well as the associations themselves, provides new revenue sources and new data collection opportunities.

Partners such as Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureas, Downtown or City Partnerships, and Rotaries are implementing TicketSauce solutions for their events and for their member’s events.


Event marketing and experiential agencies are increasingly tasked with growing engagement for their clients.

TicketSauce provides a brand forward experience making hosting a ticketed or RSVP event seamless for our agency partners.

By keeping client brands forward and integrating into back end lead generation system, TicketSauce is streamlining the process of data collection so that agencies can focus on generating new ideas and engagement for their clients.

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